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Better understanding our own body map through self-observation and self-evaluation. Students correct their own body map by becoming more aware of how they moves by using mirrors, anatomical models, books and studying anatomical images.

Jamie teaches the WHAT EVERY MUSICIAN NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THE BODY course. This course helps musicians learn how to correct and refine the body map to produce efficient, coordinated and effective movement. Body Mapping not only helps musicians avoid injury, it also enhances musicians’ technique.

During this course students will:

  • Learn about how the way you think about your Body Map changes your movement.
  • Understand our six places of balance to find freedom and dynamic buoyancy in movement.
  • Map the whole arm its relationship to the torso.
  • Accurately map breathing structures for better breaths.
  • Move with a greater understanding of weight delivery.
  • How to cooperate actively with your anatomy, in macro and micro movement while singing or playing your instrument.

The WHAT EVERY MUSICIAN NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THE BODY course is a six-hour course that can be taught in one day or over several days depending on what works best.